Show Rules

80 % of all items on an exhibitors table must be gun, military or hunting related.
No flea market items or gang related items.

Exhibitor Badges must be worn at all times.
All Firearms must be Strapped.

Table reservations are not definite unless confirmed by Chuck.

We encourage all exhibitors to stay for the entire show.

No Gun Powder is allowed. No Alcohol or Smoking is allowed.

No pets are allowed except service dogs per ADA Laws.

No Gun Deals are Allowed at the Food Tables,
in the Lobby or Outside the Main Entrance.

No pictures are allowed to be taken of vendors tables.

In the case of a no-show by 8:00 am, the tables revert to CWGCA.

The gun show ends at 2:00 on Sunday. All exhibitors must be out by 4:00.

No signs are allowed above tables or on walls.

No Parking on the West Side of the Hall -
This is Fire Lane and must be kept open.

The Officers and Board of Directors of the
Central Wisconsin Gun Collectors Association
are not responsible for loss of any item through fire or theft or
any sales of merchandise at our shows.
The responsibility for all sales/purchases rest with the
parties to these transactions.

Central Wisconsin Gun Collectors Association
An NRA Affiliate